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Tiny Fest Midwest in Colfax, IA: Sept 2017

We displayed the Tiny Camper at the Tiny Fest Midwest on Sept 22-24 in Colfax, Iowa. This winter I am planning to add a prototype of a folding ‘hard’ roof instead of the tarp roof, and also adding more springs to make the fold-unfold go even faster!

Drawings on how to build Tiny Camper are now available!


Included are twelve 11″ x 17″ drawings with full instructions on how to build the DIY Tiny Camper, including parts list and material specs. Can be purchased through Etsy for $8

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Tiny Camper was displayed at the Tiny House Expo in St. Croix Falls Oct 1 & 2

markWow, the tiny house movement is bigger than I thought. We couldn’t believe how many people were at this event. About 1,000 people went through our tiny camper and I would guess about 2,000 total at the event, touring tiny houses on display and attending speaking events by builders and owners. About 75 people left us their email addresses for information on how to get drawings. I will have drawings and instruction booklet how to build completed and ready to mail by November 30, 2016. Here are a few photos, we really had a great time.

Tiny House Expo in St. Croix Falls, WI




Tiny Camper on Kickstarter

Tiny Camper now on Kickstarter

The Tiny Camper project was approved to raise funds to create blueprints so that other people can build Tiny Campers.
The project did not get funded, but I am still proceeding with making drawings. I will have the drawings and instruction booklet completed and ready to mail by November 30.

Video tour of Tiny Camper

Tiny Camper completed 1500 mile maiden voyage to South Dakota

Got to park with the big boys.

First Tiny Camper post

We just got back from our first camping trip in the Tiny Camper with a few design changes we discovered during a torrential downpour our first night. The bedroom stayed dry, but windows and doors leaked around the edges and we found we need a better roof peak to drain water off of the tarp roof. Other than that, we had a wonderful time, especially enjoying the screen wall in the bedroom during the daytime for beautiful view and airflow. We also thought of a better way to level everything during the initial setup. Lots of people stopped by to marvel at how it folds and unfolds, and to have a peek inside at our 70 square feet of bedroom, kitchen and living space. The kitchen was just right, we put a cutting board across one of the double bowl sinks for food prep, and a two burner propane stove next to the sinks. We also set up the folding kitchen table for more counter space. We usually had meals outside so we didn’t really use the kitchen table for meals, but we did play cards on it during the rainstorm. It was a real conversation piece and drew lots of other campers, ranging from tenters to RV’ers.

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