What Is The DIY Tiny Camper Project?

The DIY Tiny Camper is a fun project that really works as an amazingly portable camper – we tested it ourselves on a 1500 mile road trip and slept the night through torrential rains! Set up only takes 15-20 minutes and anyone of average handyman skill can build it yourself for approximately $1000 with the blueprints to follow.

    • Only 700lbs after construction of camper
    • Can be towed by a small car or truck
    • Mounts on most DOT-approved trailers
    • Build it yourself for approx $1,000
    • Set up on site only takes 10 minutes
    • Easily folds out at any camp site
    • Full size bed with lots of headroom & space
    • 70sq Ft; Stand up while cooking in the kitchen
    • Screened windows give a view & keep out bugs

I am working on drawings and instruction booklet on how to build it, and plan to have it ready by end of October, or as close to that as possible. Stay tuned for details!