I built a travel camper that I could:

  • Pull behind my Honda Civic, so it had to weigh less than 700 pounds.
  • Build for about $1000 material cost.
  • Stand up in it when I cook and do dishes. Plus, a double bowl sink and fold-down table in the kitchen.
  • Have a full size bed with plenty of headroom.
  • Have windows and/or screens on all four walls for airflow and views.
  • Design that is simple enough for anyone of average skill to build.
  • Set up in about 10 minutes.
  • Keep out bugs and rain.

On our 1500 mile maiden camping trip to South Dakota in August there was a lot of enthusiasm from our camp neighbors. They were amazed at how our tiny camper folded up, and how much living space we had: 70 square feet of bedroom, kitchen and living space. Now I want to create dimensional drawings so that other people can build their own tiny camper.